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Cole Gardens is a smoke-free grounds

Cole Gardens 2013 Farmers Market Application

To apply for vendor status for the Cole Gardens 2013 Winter Farmer's Market, please fill out the following form or download the attachment labeled "Vendor Market Application" and read the Market Letter.

Please list local ingredients
Certified Organic
If Certified Organic, please provide Identification number.
Farmer Spotlight

You must provide proof of product liability insurance

Please note that we need the following in addition to this application:
1. A copy of your Insurance Certificate naming Cole Gardens as an additional insured with $1,000,000 coverage.
2. Copies of current licenses if applicable.

Note: This market gives vendor precedence to Agricultural, Edible, and vendors using local products, but is enthusiastic about
receiving applications from other vendors. We hope that each vendor can attend as many markets as possible. With the addition
of the added market dates, we want to insure a good balance of products and a ‘fresh” appearance for continued consumer
attendance. Cole Gardens may find that not all vendors can attend every market.

Please use this for any additional information we may need to process your application.
Are you a real person?
Enter the characters shown in the image.

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Cole Gardens Farmers Market
Interested in becoming a Vendor at the Winter Farmers Market at Cole Gardens? Apply here.

Stop in for eggs!  From our chickens in Loudon
Stop in for eggs!  From our chickens in Loudon