Plant Combinations for the Garden Bed at Cole Gardens:

1. Ornamental Grasses + Asters + Coneflowers: Ornamental Grasses, such as Switchgrass or Feather Reed Grass, infuse elegance and texture into the garden. Pair these with the vibrant colors of Asters and the bold presence of Coneflowers (Echinacea). Not only is this trio visually harmonious, but it also attracts beneficial pollinators.

2. Chrysanthemums + Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ + Black-eyed Susan: Mums are an undeniable fall favorite. Enhance their presence with the dusty rose blossoms of Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ and the vibrant yellows of Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia). The combination provides a mesmerizing array of colors and shapes, capturing the essence of autumn.

3. Russian Sage + Goldenrod + Joe Pye Weed: Balance the airy spires of Russian Sage with the radiant gold hues of Goldenrod and the robust, mauve clusters of Joe Pye Weed. This assortment offers a delightful contrast in height, texture, and color, echoing the wild beauty of New Hampshire meadows.

Plant Combinations for the Container Garden:

1. Ornamental Kale + Pansies + Coral Bells (Heuchera): Ornamental Kale, with its vibrant hues, makes for a captivating focal point. Complement it with the enduring beauty of Pansies and the striking foliage of Coral Bells. Together, they offer a container display that is both vibrant and harmonious.

2. Fountain Grass + Fall Petunias + Sweet Alyssum: Choose Fountain Grass as a central element to lend height and structure. Surround it with the autumnal tones of Petunias. Complete the look with delicate drifts of Sweet Alyssum, adding a fragrant and frothy white edge to your container.

3. Dwarf Alberta Spruce + Violas + Ivy: Dwarf Alberta Spruce serves as a green, evergreen anchor for your container. Underpin its stately presence with the subtle charm of Violas. Weave in some trailing Ivy for an added touch of depth and a hint of cascading elegance.

Embrace the colors and textures of fall with these garden combinations. When in Concord, NH, be sure to drop by Cole Gardens to find these plants and more, and to receive advice tailored to your specific gardening needs. Happy gardening, New Hampshire!