POSTPONED – Backyard Mindfulness Series

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Our Backyard Mindfulness Series has been POSTPONED due to the Covid-19.  Check back again, when we will update the schedule.

Stay Safe – work, play and enjoy your backyards during this time of caution.


Cole Gardens is proud to present a series of learning opportunities.  The series will take place at our greenhouse on Saturdays beginning February 22 through April 4th.  Each Saturday at 2 pm a new learning opportunity is presented and is designed to offer knowledge and know-how in areas pertaining to the outside.  The topics are endless – simple sustainability, spring planting, gardening, observations on trails. All of these opportunities are free to the public.  Donations are requested.  ALL proceeds will be donated to the non-profits offering their time and efforts providing knowledge and know-how.

Please call to reserve your seat (603.229.0655) or email (  Space is limited.

Schedule (Details to Follow)

February 22

Growing Backyard Fruit – Fundamental Knowledge for Success!

  • by Jeremy DeLisle, BS MS Extension Field Specialist for Food and Agriculture for Merrimack County
  • In this session Jeremy will present critical information and recommendations including site preparation, species and variety selection and cultural practices that will greatly improve your success as backyard fruit growers. Time will be reserved for Q&A

February 29

Backyard Maple Sugaring

  • by Tim Fleury, UNH Extension Forestry Field Specialist
  • In this session homeowners will learn about which trees to tap and how to identify them, when and how to tap maple trees, how to boil the sap and turn it into syrup, and the equipment needed.  The presentation is designed for folks who have never tapped maples before and backyard producers who want to know more.  There will be plenty of time for questions so please ask them!

March 7

Invasive Plants in New Hampshire

  • Master Gardener by Sandy Rock
  • This is an extension Master Gardener delivered presentation on the fundamentals of invasive plants in NH, includes the definition of invasive species, why invasive are a concern, invasive species ecology, control methods, helpful resources

March 14

Yoga in the Garden

  • by Kristina Poirier BS, ERYT-200, Yoga Instructor 43 Degrees North Athletic Club
  • Research makes a strong case for taking your yoga practice into the wild as the weather warms—or at least your backyard. How often do you hear – reach your hands down to the earth, turn your gaze up to the sky? These cues become more than just figurative language. Learn the essence of your outside space while in yoga


Encouraging Wildlife Diversity in Designed Landscapes

  • by Matt Tarr, Ph.D, Extension Professor, Wildlife Specialist for UNH Cooperative Extension. Wildlife Biologist and Licensed Forester
  • “An abundance of wildlife” is one of the best indicators of an ecologically well-designed landscape. By understanding how pollinators, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians select their habitats during each season of the year, we can design landscapes that effectively attract and support a diversity of wildlife. This presentation will provide practical methods for designing ecologically complete landscapes that invite human interaction and transcend simple aesthetics through their functioning interconnected elements.


Backyard Composting: From Garbage to Garden

  • by Master Gardener Ann LaCroix
  • Composting food and yard waste are a great way to reduce what goes to the transfer station/landfill and an opportunity to create your own soil enhancer. But what can you compost? What are some common problems with composting and how do we overcome them? Learn a variety of techniques for composting in various situations.

April 4

When and How to Wake up your Garden

  • by Cori Cahow, Owner Organic Garden Girl, LLC
  • Do you ever get excited when the day time temps are well above freezing, the snow is melting, you begin to see a little green popping through the soil and wonder ‘Is it time?’ Well, it just might be. I will walk you through the steps to help wake your garden and get it ready for a healthy vigorous growing season. You will walk out of this talk feeling confident in how to prepare and protect the soil, prune and divide perennials, which shrubs need early tending to and how to properly fertilize.