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Composting in the Fall: A Comprehensive Guide

Composting is a fantastic way to recycle organic waste and create rich soil for your garden. Fall, with its abundance of leaves and yard waste, is an opportune time to start or enhance your composting efforts. Here’s how to make the most of this season’s natural resources. Why Compost in the Fall? Abundant Materials: Fall […]

Drawing Wildlife to Your Garden: Cole Gardens’ Blueprint for Welcoming Birds and Beneficial Insects

A garden isn’t simply an assembly of plants and flowers; it represents the heartbeats of nature’s vast ensemble of flora and fauna. Crafting spaces that charm birds and essential insects not only amplifies our garden’s enchantment but also fortifies its ecological resilience. Here’s how Cole Gardens envisions your garden as a haven for these fascinating […]

Fall Garden Cleanup Checklist

Leaf Removal: Due to the variety of deciduous trees around, a significant leaf drop is expected. Gather and compost these leaves, but ensure those from diseased plants are properly discarded. Perennials: Once the first frost hits, trim back dead foliage to keep pests at bay. Divide and transplant perennials that appear overgrown or less energetic. […]

The Joy of July: Essential Gardening Tasks for Mid-Summer in New England

From the experts at Cole Gardens In the heart of the New England summer, our gardens burst with color, fragrance, and the buzz of diligent pollinators. The seeds we planted in spring have blossomed into a full and lush landscape. While July is a time for basking in the fruits of our efforts, there are […]

Houseplant of the Month: Shamrock

What is a Shamrock Plant? The potted shamrock plant (Oxalis regnellii) is a small specimen, often reaching no more than 6 inches. Leaves are in a range of shades and delicate flowers bloom off and on during fall, winter and spring. Leaves are clover shaped and some think the plant brings good luck. It has […]

Houseplant of the Month: Phalaenopsis Orchid

If you are lucky enough to have a Phalaenopsis, you are about to enter the wonderful world of growing orchids! Phals are one of the easiest orchids to grow in the home. If you follow a few basic requirements, these plants will reward you with several months of beautiful blooms. Water How often you water […]

Indoor Gardening with Kids

When the outdoor garden is tucked away for the winter — the saplings supported, the grass seed sown and the spring bulbs tucked snugly away in their flower beds — it’s time for indoor gardening fun! Many plants can be successfully grown indoors by children, including the pits and seeds of many grocery items (who […]