Rome Sundials

For over 50 years we have been crafting our sundials as Shakespeare wrote in Henry VI, “quaintly, point by point.” Each design is individually cast using the traditional sand mold process and then hand polished and buffed.

You’ll find that most of our sundials are horizontal or “garden sundials” which look beautiful either on a cast pedestal as a courtyard centerpiece or on an airy wrought iron base set deep in a garden.

Uniqueness is the key at Rome. With the largest selection of sundial designs in the US it’s bound to seem a little overwhelming to make a decision, but let the decision process get narrowed down by thinking of our dials in terms of theme, material & price point.

From the whimsical to stately, the reflective to inspiring – there’s something for everyone. With the exception of a few antique reproductions, our sundials are original designs that you’ll never see from other companies. You can also feel comfortable purchasing Rome sundials as we do not sell to the Sprawl Marts of the world. Our focus as always is on garden centers and specialty gift shops.

Most of our sundials are cast in solid brass which we feel is the perfect medium as it’s heirloom level medium which may be passed down generation to generation. In addition, we offer some designs in cast iron.

Most every sundial we manufacture is designed to mount on our over 20 different pedestal bases. The bases make an attractive and easy way to set your dial in the yard or garden and are available at a wide range of prices and styles from ornate to minimalist. If your customer does not use a Rome pedestal, other good suggestions include placing the dial on a tree stump, log, concrete or stone base.