Vegetable Gardening


April 1st Vegetable Gardening with Sarah Marcoux, UNH Extension Master Gardener

Approximate time:  75-90 minutes, including Q & A
Audience:  Adults of all ages
During this workshop, attendees will learn principles and practices for successful vegetable gardening. Attendees will learn how to plan a garden to produce lots of high-quality vegetables, how to expend less energy on maintenance of the garden and how to use fewer chemical inputs. In addition, attendees will learn how to choose the ideal location, how to prepare the garden site, what and how much to grow, the timing of planting, as well as harvesting and storage of the vegetables.

No charge. We ask that you make a donation, with 100% of your donation, matched by Cole Gardens will be given to the University of New Hampshire Extension program. You can make your donation at the event, or make it online. Please click here >

You can register up to 5 attendees at a time.