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BW’s HOSPITALITY GROUP offer European style artisan breads ranging from brioche, challah, country sour dough, loaded baked potato, croissants and chocolate croissants.

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various european style artisan breads and croissants

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Tewksbury honey, king Arthur flour,

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One of our Recipe:

loaded baked potato

All purpose flour .455 grams
water .568 grams
chef .045 grams

All purpose flour 2.316 kg
whole wheat .258 grams
water 1.610 kg
salt .055 grams
baked potato .593 grams
bacon .204 grams
scallion .204 grams
cheddar cheese .204 grams

mix your sour starter 12 hours before you are mixing the rest of the dough. bake your potato, cook your bacon and chop up, and slice your scallions.

mixing the final dough;

place all your ingredients into mixing bowl except your sour dough starter.
mix about 3 minutes on 1st speed to just mix and incorporate the ingredients.
add in your starter dough.
mix on speed 1 for about 1 minute to just incorporate
at this point mix on medium speed for about another 5-7 minutes to mild gluten development.
bulk ferment for 15 hrs. with DDT of 80 degrees
portion into 750 gram portion dough balls and pre shape. let rest for 10 minutes

final shape and place in a proofing basket and let rest for about next 1.5 hrs.

turn out and make your cuts in your bread and bake in oven at 450 degree in a dutch oven.
the first 20 minutes covered the next 20-40 minutes uncovered till done.