Huntoon Farm

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PO Box 77, 46 Huntoon Road
About Vendor

We are a 6 generation diversified family farm, located in Central NH. We raise beef, pork, chickens (for eggs & meat), turkeys for Thanksgiving plus we have a licensed commercial kitchen where we produce bakery items and prepared foods using our farm’s products and other local products where feasible.

Vendor Offering
Other Product
baking mix made with our own lard,
Special Offers

Perhaps Frozen turkeys for Christmas

Prepared Foods

meat pie turnovers, codfish cakes, chili, baked beans, pulled pork, chicken pot pie, beef and/or pork entrees, lasagna,

Local Ingredients

our own beef, pork, chicken, eggs, maple syrup, zucchini, and herbs, local onions, winter squash, apples,

Available Dates
Nov 09th - 2019
Nov 23rd - 2019
Dec 14th - 2019
Dec 21st - 2018
Jan 11th - 2020
Jan 25th - 2020
Feb 08th - 2020
Feb 22rd - 2020
March 14th - 2020
March 28th - 2020
Apr 11th - 2020

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