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21 Healy Pasture Rd
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We are a small family run New Hampshire farm, growing edible flowers, culinary and medicinal herbs and veggies. We dry our flowers and herbs. We offer single dry herbs, our own herb blends, our own herbal teas, fruit and flower spreads, jewelry inspired by nature, Blazing Blossom flower bouquets and potpourri. We make traditional pizzelle’s during the holiday season.

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Dry herbs and blends, flowers, herbal teas, fruit and flower spreads, dry flowers, potpourri (make your own scent), hand-made jewelry (nature inspired). We make traditional Pizzelle's in the fall and spring.
Special Offers

Make your own scented potpourri at the market.

Value Added Products

We have knitted items, gloves, scarves from a friend. Some are hand spun and hand knit. If that is okay I can bring those as well. We make our own laundry soap and offer that for sale.

Local Ingredients

All herbs, flowers and much of the tea ingredients that will grow here in the Northeast. We make our own pizzelle’s using our handed down family recipe .

Available Dates
Nov 02nd - 2019
Nov 09th - 2019
Nov 16th - 2019
Nov 23rd - 2019
Nov 30th - 2019
Dec 07th - 2019
Dec 14th - 2019
Dec 21st - 2018
Jan 04th - 2020
Jan 11th - 2020
Jan 18th - 2020
Jan 25th - 2020
Feb 01st - 2019
Feb 08th - 2020
Feb 15th - 2020
Feb 22rd - 2020
Feb 29th - 2020
March 07nd - 2020
March 14th - 2020
March 21th - 2020
March 28th - 2020
March 30th - 2020
Apr 04th - 2020
Apr 11th - 2020

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USDA: NH Dept of Ag & Mkts