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We are bursting with colorful annuals tropicals, perennials, trees, shrubs and a full service florist to help you beautify your environment with living color. Serving The surrounding towns of Concord, including Hopkinton, Bow, Pembroke, Chichester, Epsom, Pittsfield, Loudon, and Canterbury, New Hampshire (NH)

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Home Composting

Register Here Home composting is the process of recycling organic waste from your home and garden [...]

Creating a Stunning Hydrangea Wreath: A Hands-On Floral Design Experience – September 30th / October 7th

Hydrangea Wreath Workshop – Register Here > Join us for a delightful and creative workshop [...]

Gardening in a Changing Climate, October 28, 2023 @10am

Later frosts in the fall, earlier planting times, heavier rain events and longer stretches of [...]

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100 Days of Color

Creating a succession of blooms with spring flowering bulbs is a fantastic way to enjoy [...]

Plant Combinations for the Garden Bed at Cole Gardens:

1. Ornamental Grasses + Asters + Coneflowers: Ornamental Grasses, such as Switchgrass or Feather Reed [...]

September Gardening Tips from Cole Gardens

September in Concord, NH, serves as a gentle reminder of the changing seasons. As the [...]

Guiding Green: Transitioning Your Plants Indoors with Help from Cole Gardens

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Preparing Your New England Garden for Fall: Expert Tips from Cole Gardens

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Unravel the Enchantment of Summer Evenings: Design Your Perfect Moon Garden

For those who’ve dreamed of being enveloped in luminous blooms under the soft caress of [...]

Colorful Creations: Dive into the Fun of Container Gardening at Cole Gardens

Imagine yourself as a painter, but your palette is brimming with vibrant flowers, lush foliage, [...]

Trimming Your Summer Shrubs: The Ideal Time for New England Gardens

Greetings from Cole Gardens! Are you wondering when is the perfect time to trim your [...]