September Gardening Tips from Cole Gardens

September in Concord, NH, serves as a gentle reminder of the changing seasons. As the summer sun becomes a fond memory and the autumnal chill begins to show its face, it’s the prime moment to set your garden on its next course. Here are some insightful tips, curated by the experts at Cole Gardens, to help your Concord green spaces thrive.

1. Anticipate the Frost:

In Concord, the approach of frost is palpable by mid to late October. Stay informed with local weather forecasts, and be ready to cover delicate plants on cooler nights or transition potted varieties indoors.

2. Reap the Summer Crops:

It’s time to gather the remaining summer bounty, including tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. For those green tomatoes still on the vine, bring them inside to ripen or venture into making a delightful dish of fried green tomatoes.

3. Seed the Fall Veggies:

The onset of fall in Concord is an opportune moment for planting crops like lettuce, spinach, radishes, and kale. These crops relish the cooler temperatures that September offers.

4. Divide and Replant Perennials:

If your perennial plants seem a tad overcrowded or have outgrown their current spots, September is an apt time to uproot, split, and replant them.

5. Aerate and Fertilize the Lawn:

Concord’s lawns benefit greatly from aeration in September. This practice ensures grassroots access to essential air, water, and nutrients. After aeration, consider an application of fertilizer to strengthen the lawn for the coming winter.

6. The Art of Composting:

When tidying up garden beds from summer’s aftermath, consider creating or adding to a compost pile with the organic waste. By springtime, you’ll have nutrient-rich compost to nourish your garden.

7. Get Ready for Spring with Bulbs:

Dreaming of a spring garden dotted with tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths? September is the time to plant these bulbs in Concord. They’ll weather the winter underground and emerge in a burst of color come spring.

8. Mulching Magic:

After refreshing garden beds, bestow them with a layer of mulch. This act conserves moisture, deters weeds, and imparts a neat, polished look to your garden.

9. Care for Your Tools:

A little maintenance goes a long way. Clean, sharpen, and properly store your garden tools now, ensuring they’re ready for action when spring beckons.

10. Hydration is Key:

Beyond the summer months, trees and shrubs still require consistent watering, especially as they prepare for winter’s dormancy. Regular watering now can make a significant difference.

In Conclusion:

September in Concord, NH, is all about appreciating the past season’s gifts, preparing for winter’s slumber, and sowing seeds (literally and figuratively) for the spring to come. With these tips from Cole Gardens, your garden will continue to be a source of joy, season after season. Happy gardening!